Sunday, November 30, 2014

Out and About

I hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend! I finally uploaded a few photos to share. First up is my dog Ziva, sitting on a rock.
Next is this neat old house we saw in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
I would love to have the money to adopt an old place like this and bring it back to life!
You just don't see this type of work in modern homes!
Of course I could be wrong it this might be an old church. The above photo could have been a bell tower. All those windows though, make me think it was just a big mansion or maybe a boarding house?

Here is my son getting one of only two awards for "Distinguished Honor Roll" for the first quarter of 8th grade:

From Thursday, we had a meat, cheese, and cracker turkey for snacking on! We saw this idea online somewhere and Max did a wonderful interpretation of the pattern for us.
Here is a shot of the whole table full of pre-feast goodies. We have this around noon and then the big regular turkey meal after five pm.

The day after Thanksgiving was Tom's 14th birthday.
How can he be that old already!!! We said in ten years he'd be 24 and possibly out of college. I would be 70. YIKES!!! hahahaha

Happy Sewing y'all!!!


thequiltingdoberman said...

You actually had some form of sun! Looks like it was a great weekend for you all. :)

Sherri D said...

The weather couldn't have been better I think! We did have a busy but very nice long weekend. Thanks for stopping by!