Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Annual Dilemma

Alright fellow quilters, I have my annual dilemma of what to do about my sewing machine situation. I sold my Singer 99K. I have two other machines that I can use for straight is a Juki98e and one is an older New Home 270 (Janome). Both sew fast and strong. I have one Featherweight that I use just to keep her running smooth. She's a collectible machine that I was gifted with and is not for sale.

The machine that needs replacing is my Pfaff Quiltstyle 2042. I was gifted it, for Christmas one year, about 14 years ago. I have used it a LOT. It is starting to give me little issues as it is wearing out a tad. The bobbin winder isn't as good as it used to be and some of the electronic buttons are not working anymore. There is a repair on the foot pedal cord where one of the puppies we fostered years ago, chewed through it.

My dilemma is that the ONLY Pfaff dealer in the area is one that I do not want to deal with. I won't trash talk here; you'll just have to trust me, I have my reasons and they are valid. I have not found another dealership in this state. 

So do I ship my machine to someone to maybe fix or try to find some place that will take it in trade? I would hate to try to sell it myself. Of course I could not do so, without telling what is wrong with it.

It's value now is probably $300-$500. To replace it I would need a machine that would cost about $2000. I need one machine that has fancy stitches. I've been considering a Janome 6600 or 7700. (at least I think those were the ones I was considering) lol

What do you all think?


Jackie said...

I am a huge fan of Janome and that is the direction I would go especially if you trust the Janome dealer in your area. I don't have the models you are considering but I have heard very positive, "I love" comments about the 6600.

thequiltingdoberman said...

I will say I finally just traded in an older Pfaff myself. It was also gifted, probably 25 years old and I had got at least 10 years out of it. It was hard to let it go, but in the end too hard to get fixed. I am not sure if I would have sent it out or not, in my case I didn't. I ended up going with Babylock and like it a lot more than I thought I would (I was a Pfaff loyalist).

Sherri D said...

I appreciate your comments ladies! I have not decided anything yet. I do love my Pfaff so much! I am leaning towards buying a machine and selling my old Pfaff on ebay for "parts" or for folks to fix. But this brings up another dilemma! Do I buy another Pfaff that is compatible with my current one so that all the accessories are the same? Decisions decisions!!! hahaha