Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let the Holidaze Begin!

The Thanksgiving feast had lots of opportunities for creativity!

On the design wall I have My Tweets starting to come together.
I am still nervous about quilting this beauty. For now I am just sashing it and making the top ready for adding borders that also need to have appliqué work done.

I have a BUNCH of stuff for sale! An apron for $3:
All these Christmas items are culled from my holiday boxes:

Click on the photos to see them better and to see their prices.

If you are interested in any of them, just let me know! I will work with you on the shipping. I also have some odd items for sale, such as my Jillian Michaels' set of four books for $15:

Or how about a quilt themed piggy bank?

The holidays also bring lots of packages to my front door. The post office has been a bit harsh with some of them. This package came ripped open on the side, exposing my fabric purchase!!!
Thank goodness the fabric seems to have survived, intact and without damage!
That is the latest from these parts. I am very busy trying to squeeze in sewing time to make a few gifts for people for the holidays. I have a love/hate relationship with how freaking fast Christmas Day will arrive here!!!!

Happy Sewing!!!

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