Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Emotions

The holidays are SO full of ups and downs for me. My Mom worked her butt off during the holidays to decorate and bake and make Christmas time so magical; both for myself and my two younger sisters and later for her grandchildren. During the holiday season I will often mutter to myself, "I miss you Mom." or "Thanks Mom."

Yesterday I was thinking about Dad. He passed away 18 years ago on December 12th. He was gruff and tough but he loved his daughters VERY much! I remember going Christmas shopping for him. When we did holiday shopping, it was along Main Street, before malls took over towns and killed most downtown areas. One of the stops we three girls would make was the old Coast To Coast Hardware store. We would get shells for Dad's hunting rifle. Sometimes we would find other 'manly' presents for Dad there too.

This year has been especially painful because I lost my dog on Monday. Ziva was my walking partner and stood beside me, loyal and protective till the end. She was only five and I still hurt about the whole mess. She is in a better place now though and with time, I will heal too.

With all the ups and downs, I had a huge boost to the up side when a box arrived on the same day I had to put Ziva down. What timing! It was bitter sweet but it was such a wonderful box that I just have to share.

Quiltmaker's Blog had a drawing for a 100 Blocks Mug and special issue magazine. I didn't realize that it also came with a "Fat Quarter" pattern book for 12 quilts, an applique (which I LOVE) pattern for a Christmas quilt, a four pack of AMB neutral fat quarters and a nine pack of Timeless Treasures fat quarter fabrics!!! WOW what a surprise!
It didn't take away the pain, but it did bring a smile to my face. I will 'play' with it all this week as I use my studio for 'therapy' sessions.

It might seem crass that I talk about getting the prize in the same posting as the talk about the losses in life. It just goes to show that there are always ups and downs in life. I try to put positive spins on negative things. I don't want to wallow in pity. That gets me nowhere. Truth be told, our other two little rat terriers are thrilled to be able to play again or to be petted without worrying that the big dog was going to eat them alive for getting attention. We didn't realize the stress we were living under with Ziva, had gotten to be so acute. It is bitter and it is sweet. It was a good five years. RIP Ziva, say hi to Tucker, Nina, Rusty, and Brandy!


queenopearls said...

Sherri I send you tons of love and hugs. We who have fur family know the joys of fur family and the heartache as they pass to non-physical. May Ziva visit you in your dreams so you know she is with you always. Just as Tucker, Nina Rust and Brandy are. Not visible but with you nonetheless ... inspiring you, loving you and wanting you to know they are well.
~ Christina in Cleveland

Sherri D said...

Thank you Christina. And yes, all my pets are still with me in spirit. Even my chicken, Inky! :D

When you've lived to be 60, you have had a lot of pets in your life if you are an animal lover like me. They are really something, aren't they?

Quilt Rat said... and is full of them. We have deal with, learn from and live with the downs...but also remember to rejoice at the ups....hopefully we all have a few more of the "ups" in our lives.
Hold on to and smile at the fond memories and yes time in the studio is always therapeutic, so give your self lots of time there.

Sherri D said...

Thank you Jill. I am keeping as positive an attitude about the whole thing as I can. The studio has been kind to me. That fabric therapy is magical!