Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Captain Chaos is in the house!!!

The studio is in major chaos mode. I am taking it apart and putting it back together. It has been a long process. I have gotten rid of a lot of things. Twelve boxes of craft crap. Good craft crap, but still, craft crap.
The chaos has escaped my studio and hit my bedroom and dining room too! The whole house is in an uproar! It is all good though. I am finally purging, sorting, organizing, and ridding myself of the burdens that hold me down. Sometimes it has been hard to let go of things, but I have yet to regret anything that has left this house whether it was tossed, donated, or given to other crafty folks!
Now if I could only SELL some of this junque, I could buy more! hahahahaha

I got the borders sewn onto the My Tweets/Froo-froo quilt. I still need to miter the border corners and appliqué twelve more flowers on those corners (three on each) before moving on to sandwich and quilt it.

One of the new block-of-the-month projects is this Lancaster 
inspired quilt from the Sycamore Hill blog:
If you click on the picture, it will take you to the Sycamore Hill blog. It's not too late to join in the fun!

These are my fabric choices

Part of the studio redo involves selling my Horn sewing cabinet and Juki sewing machine. Both have served me well, but I am changing things around and sadly do not have room to keep everything!
Horn of America quilting cabinet $600
If you're interested in either, give me a shout!
Juki 98TLe $550
I hope to have before and after photos soon and photos of more of the projects I am working on. There just hasn't been enough hours in the day to do it all! Till next time, happy sewing!!!


Evelyn said...

Need any help, be it sorting, sub-sorting, or (gasp, gasp!) making it disappear, never more to be seen, LOL. One quilter's trash is another quilter's treasure. Remember dear lady, Quest is having another "personal yard sale" in March, whereby your detritus could earn you $$$, so that you can buy other people's detritus!!!!


Sherri D said...

I don't belong to Quest anymore. lol I sure would love to sell the Juki and the Horn Cabinet though! I will give a deep discount to guild members. Spread the word! :D

thequiltingdoberman said...

I love seeing your projects. You do such nice stuff. :)

Sherri D said...

You're so sweet quiltingdoberman! thank you!