Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Full Plate!

I have so much to share today! I hardly know where to begin. How about in the middle? Here is what my studio looked like when I left it today:
If you look towards the back of the table you might note a pile of white that looks like pillows. In reality it is FIVE quilts all pin-basted and ready to quilt.
After quilting all these, I should be better when using Sweetie, my Sweet 16

Next to the quilts there is this box of scraps: 
These are part of the free fabrics I got at my night guild. I made the Sherbet quilt top from this donation stash. Actually, one of the five quilts is the Sherbet quilt! It turned out quite cheery.

As we keep going around the table, clock-wise, we run into several of the blocks for the Folk Art quilt, in various stages of completion.

Remember you can click on the photos to get a bigger picture.
Note that drawing on the lower left. That is a Dresden Plate! I am picking out fabrics for my quilt right now. If you are doing our loosely organized block-along with Frances of Off Kilter Quilter fame, you might be looking for a pattern. Frances is using a pattern I sent to her. I found another one that was very much like it, on EQ7. There are so many variations out there! Jaye even has a tutorial on making a Dresden Plate block on her blog, Artquiltmaker.  Come on! Make at least one block and use it for making a pillow if you don't want to commit to a full size quilt.

Continuing on around the table you'll find a simple linen slip on dress for summer. I am embroidering some color onto it to jazz it up a bit.

Our little elephant is still waiting for me to give her a few finishing touches:
The next two blocks for the My Favorite Things quilt are waiting for me to get started on:

That is the full tour around the table! I can hardly wait till tomorrow to get back in there and start playing with some of the projects or maybe even quilting one of those quilts!

Besides pin-basting, I also worked on a gift. I made a cover for a three ring binder. It will hold some memory pages for our yoga instructor who is moving out of the area. Here is the cover:

And here it is, opened up:

I think she will like it. All the students are writing notes that will be put into plastic sleeves to fill the book with. I think this is a great idea for a unique gift!

I went back and redid two of the blocks for the My Favorite Things. I didn't like the button centers for the flowers and made fabric ones that I like a lot better. Here are the befores and afters of the two blocks:
Do you like the yellow centers better too? I am not sure about the button on the lid of the teapot either. I may add a cloth knob. This is sure a fun quilt project to work on.

Last, but not least, I have one of the last 12 flowers almost sewn down on the My Tweets quilt. I had to move the green leaves and stem to make it fit right though. I am so fussy with things sometimes!

Phew! This is a big ol' posting! I hope you enjoyed it! Get out your fabrics and make a Dresden Plate block, or two, or twelve!
Till next time, HAPPY SEWING y'all!!!


Jaye said...

What a great post! I like the way you went around the table, talking about each project. I need a table like that!

Sherri D said...

I am so lucky to have a handy hubby! He built the table for me! It has tons of storage underneath it too. It has a mat that covers the whole top that has a numbered grid on it. It is 4x8 feet in size. Makes it super easy to pin-baste quilts too!
Thanks for stopping by.