Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Whole Lotta Plates!

I have been getting some therapy in the studio all week. It feels SO good! I finished quilting a donation quilt and started a second one. I am running out of thread. I hate thread shopping! I can't put it off any longer though. I am fussy about what I 'feed' Sweetie! She's been doing pretty good.
 I know for a fact that she can sew through the head of a safety pin now. I don't need to repeat that experiment again. Scared the heck out of me and made me imagine what it would have been like if that pin had been my finger. Ouch! Perhaps my next investment should be those gloves that would keep that from happening?

I didn't get much done with the Dresden Plate Project. I am using scraps to make the blades. Once I have used all the scraps up, I will go into the uncut yardages that remain.
 I did get a few more blades cut out though!
 Another block came in for the Folk Art Quilt:
This one is going to be a tough one. Look at all those petals I have to cut out!!!

The last thing I want to talk about is the quilt show I went to on Friday. This was an NQA show in Little Rock, Arkansas. They are supposed to be here for three or four more years. I believe it has been many years since they had a show here. I might enter a quilt next year. This time though, I just went to check it out.

Here are photos from the show:
I took this photo because of Jaye's peacock project
 I really like how the quilter used colored threads on black cloth to make this design:
 The squiggles on this quilt are fabric squiggles, not thread:
I wonder if variegated threads would look good for quilting?
 The artistic quilting on this one was amazing! Can you see the octopus?

Just quilting ideas
I know the person that did the cat quilt! (No, not me)
 I need to get a nicer purse. Denim isn't a look I like anymore. hahahahaha
This quilt is whimsical. Look at the little quilt on the left:
 And closer:
 Wasn't that clever?!
Speaking of clever:
 A sewing machine made from spool blocks! Not only spool blocks, but silk fabrics too:
I can really admire applique work these days:
 I am intimidated by quilting like this:
 Here is a quilt that is both appliqued AND quilted well:
 I am trying to get ideas for how I will be quilting my "My Tweets" quilt:
 More quilting ideas:
 More whimsy

Look at that knot work for the boarder, not to mention the quilting!
 This is VERY densely quilted:
I think this is silk too
 Several guild members said I should have entered my U is for Unicorn quilt because this one, in the show, reminded them of mine:
 This last set of photos combined applique and quilting that I liked:
Go back and look again. Click on a photo and you will see a larger size. This last quilt was HAND QUILTED! OMG!!!

That's it for this Sunday. Are you making any blocks for the Dresden Plate Project? Why are you not putting a photo up in the Flickr group?

Till next time, happy sewing y'all!

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