Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Cabin in the woods, and more!

I finished the last block for the "My Favorite Things" quilt:

I then proceeded to assemble the whole top:

To finish this top, I will need to fill in some blank spaces. My 'Design Consultant' suggested that I put the title of the quilt in those spaces. I first rolled my eyes as I envisioned cutting out letters and doing needle turn appliqué with a blanket stitch! Oh that would be so very hard to do!!!
Next I thought about using the quilting process to quilt in the words. That would be doable, but it might look odd on the back side of the quilt.
I then thought that perhaps, embroidering the words would work best! I have some other embroidery work on this quilt, so that would actually compliment it quite nicely. I have used Photoshop to show what it might look like:
What do you think?
The other progress I made was with the Folk Art quilt. This is block number eight:
I have not finished anything else that would qualify for the FAL project, but I AM getting closer! Until next time, Happy Sewing Y'all!


Cindy Staub said...

Love your quilt and how you embroidered in the 'empty' spaces! Beautiful!

Sherri said...

Thank you Cindy! I hope I can do that embroidery idea justice. I only photoshopped the words on the photo for now but hope to figure out how to make them look nice when I actually put string to fabric! :)