Saturday, February 27, 2016

Progress Report and another FAL!

I worked on another donation quilt this week. All the fabric was on the "Free Table" at my quilt guild. This one will have an autumnal theme to it and will be a lap quilt size.

I am working on the My Favorite Things quilt. I am embroidering the words onto the top before I sandwich and quilt it.
Last, but not least, I finished another FAL project! I finally got the black renfaire dress re-sized. I had to add a panel in the back. This dress has a lining inside too, so it was rather tricky for me to make it look decent. The fabric is a twill, like the main part of the dress, but of course you can have fifty shades of black and never match a shade!
 Here is a closeup of the back panel I put in:
 Again, it certainly doesn't look like much, but I am not a dressmaker by trade OR hobby! It was difficult for me. Though not perfect, I am pretty happy with how it turned out and will now be able to wear it again.

That is is for this weekend. Happy sewing y'all!

PS: The list of the FAL projects is on my sidebar to the right of my  blog here. There is also the list of finishes there. Finally there is also a link to the FAL information. Here is my first posting about FAL LINK


Jaye said...

Why did you have to add a panel? Did you buy this somewhere and need to resize?

Sherri said...

I hate to admit that I took it in, about four years ago, after having lost a LOT of weight. Even then, it was too small as I had taken it in WAY too much. Foolishly I had cut away the excess, so the only fix was to add the panel. The dress cost me $85 about ten years ago.
It would be over $100 to replace it now.
Although I have managed to keep off 60 of the original 100 pounds, I still needed to adjust the fit. It is still a LOT smaller than it was ten years ago too. :)

Stacey said...

It looks lovely!! Thank you so much for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of the 2016 hosts!