Friday, June 3, 2016

Catching up on a few things...

Look what I got for Mother's Day!
It was a nice day and I felt very spoiled. My two grown sons even called. It was so good to hear from them. I've been a mom for over 33 years. I love my kids.

We recently went camping for the first time ever. We've owned an RV for many years but always used it for going to events. We stayed in parking lots and fairgrounds. Going to a local state park was all brand new to us. Here are a few photos from Petit Jean State Park in central Arkansas:
My teenage son took lots of photos. I took this photo of him taking his photos.

Dex and I enjoyed a challenging hike on the trails. This is a little rest stop we took.
He's such a handsome fella!

Dex took The Mister for a walk. That white blob in the background is our RV. All in all it was a nice experience! I think we will try it again this summer. We might even take it for a long vacation. 

I do believe the last Creative Prompt Project word has been posted. The word is "End". Here is my response:
Many, many thank yous to Jaye of Artquiltmaker fame, for doing this, all these years!

I have an odd vulture living in my house:
Here's a closeup view:
I think he thinks he's part cat sometimes. He is the goofiest dog!

Finally, here is the little bit of sewing that I have finished:
I forget which block this one is. Number ten, perhaps? I am almost done with the next one too. I think there are 14 blocks in total to do and I have a smidgen over three left. Sometimes just getting a little sewing done is alright too.

Until next time, happy sewing y'all!


thequiltingdoberman said...

What a great looking trip! Looks like the campground wasn't full of people either.

Jaye said...

The creative prompts will still be there so you can go and do them when you need a creative break. I hope this is the beginning of a new bout of creativity.

That state park looks beautiful. The view from those rocks is magnificent. You didn't say how the 'camping' was, but I hope it is great.

I am still in awe of your applique!

Sherri said...

quiltingdoberman, it was a beautiful park. The layout was so nice that it didn't seem all that busy. There were very few open spaces though, with most of the campground filled up on all the loops. Soon we will be giving a two week trial run of a major camping trip too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sherri said...

Jaye, I hope to get my mojo back too. I think our upcoming trip will help. We will see a LOT of natural beauty and nature. GREAT way to clear the soul and inspire the mind. :)