Sunday, July 17, 2016

Well This is just Craptastic

We went away for a two week vacation. We came back and I was going to join up for the FAL for the third quarter because I didn't get a damn thing done in the second quarter.
I thought the link up started on the 16th. I think I made a mistake and it ended on the 16th and now I am screwed. Dammit.
Oh well...maybe I will get it right on the 4th quarter. I am just so mad at myself for making that mistake!!! grrrrrrrrrr!!!


queenopearls said...

Well, like your profile says, you are one unique human bean! Done beating yourself up yet? :))) Hey, you ARE human. I'm sure many can relate to life getting in the way of such things. :) Say the short version of the Serenity prayer and don't forget... you rock! :)))
~ Christina in FL

Sherri said...

Ya, I am done beating myself up. I still can't believe I made that mistake though! Geesh, getting old can suck at times, but hey, it beats the alternative!
Thanks Christina!