Sunday, February 18, 2007

Did I do that?

Wow, what a busy day in the studio. Fabric therapy works btw. Don't let ANYONE tell you different!!! I have been in a funk for a couple days and tonight I feel pretty good! What is the difference? It was totally fabric therapy.

First I did two blocks for quilts that someone is making someone else that has had some sad times lately. I hope it cheers them up. :) I made two blocks the same and then took the scraps and made two orphan blocks to add to my own stash. The two simple ones are the ones I am keeping.

Then I did the four blocks for the Wondrous Wings series on the FGM list. I had hoped to be inspired by something, but alas, it never happened. These are cute and will do though. I did gold satin stitching to hold down the pieces.
They still need to be cleaned up a little though. I still need to trim the frays and take off the stabilizer on the backs.
And I started doing the applique stitching on the mirror fairy. I have the blue done on this one so far:
Quite a busy day, wouldn't you say? :)

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