Friday, October 17, 2008

Not a snake

I tried this technique where you wrap fabric strips around cording and then zig-zag-stitch it in between rounds to hold it together. Here is one photo of the experimental piece:
Same coil, different angle here:
Remember, you can click on a photo to see a bigger, more detailed picture if you need to.

Questions I have been asked are needle size, machine used, etc.....I don't know what needle it was. I am guessing it was a 14 or 16 top stitch. It was whatever was in my machine at the time. The cording I used was 100% cotton from the home dec isle where folks buy supplies to reupholster furniture. It was about as thick as a pencil. It felt like sewing through several layers of batting and was really not too hard to do. I went slow. I did use the widest zig-zag setting I had. My machine is a Pfaff. I used a normal presser foot. The fabric strips were 3/4's to 1-1/4th inch wide by 6" to 15" long. I was lazy and just used up what seemed to fit from my scrap bag. To be neater, I should have used all the same width.

I WAS surprised at how well this fit under the presser foot. There didn't seem to be an issue with it being so thick. I think if I had gone on to thick fabric and then off to thinner fabric and back on to thick fabric, that I would have had issues.

I believe it would be easier to start the center part by hand or at least baste it to hold it in place while stitching the first coil and a half. I also want to finish the end by hand to flatten it against the rest of the coil. I did not have a book and was totally winging this. I am sure there are nuances detailed in a book that would make things easier, smoother, neater, etc.

I am going to try a thinner cord with the next try. This next cord seems to be a wrapped cord though. I think I might end up liking the all cotton cording best. Again, it is so much like using thick layers of cotton batting instead of rope that I bet it will work the best to use the 100% cotton cording.

Here is my POST SPOOKY for today. It might not look like it but I am terrified in this photo. I am scared silly about heights. Where am I? I am at the top of a Ferris Wheel! I had my eyes closed for most of the time and there was a dang breeze that rocked the seat! I was brave for Tommy though. What a scaredy cat I am!!!
Here is Tommy on the Merry-Go-Round. He wasn't going to ride the horses at first. We were sitting on a bench. I finally talked him into it and we moved to the horses. I got him up on his pony and the Merry-Go-Round started moving immediately!
When we got off, the operator stopped us and said if we came back to his ride and moved again from bench to horse, he would kick us off the ride and we would not be allowed back on!!! I guess he didn't see us move, which would explain why he started the ride so quickly after I'd gotten Tom on the horse. I can understand why the man was upset. I just didn't think to tell him we were moving from bench to horse! He still was awful rude though. He could have said "if you want to move after being seated, you need to clear it with the operator first, for safety."

Oh well...what a day for Walker Lady...scared on the silly Ferris Wheel and almost kicked off the Merry-Go-Round! I am sure this surprises no one. :)

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