Sunday, November 2, 2008

Belated Halloween Hex

No, not a magic spell-type hex. (though this quilt IS turning out to be a bit of a spell binder!) I just keep plugging away at it and it just keeps getting bigger! lol This shows the progress I had made as of November 1st.

Work kept me from the studio today. I DID start the morning out right though. Before I left for work, I gave myself a belated birthday present. eQuilter had a sale all day today with 55% off a whole bunch of clearance fabrics! Woohoo!

I got some flannel that goes with a very small stash of flannel I already have. Now I can make that up into a little quilt...someday. Does someday ever come? We'll find out! lol

I also got three fabrics to make into a winter themed quilt. They just spoke to me! There are cardinals on one of the pieces. The other two are two shades of a subtle greenish print. The wonderful thing is that the second two can go either or not! The leftovers will make nice tonal/blenders for another project.

I just HAD to get two holiday calendar kits to make up for gift giving. (Will I REALLY be able to make all this 'stuff' before Christmas!!!!????)

Then there was that dang paperclip fabric still there to tempt me. Yes, I said, paperclips!!!! A few months ago I had purchased a fabric that has a white background with black paperclips on it. I figured it would be somewhat of a neutral type fabric to use. There was a companion black fabric with multicolored paperclips available at that time too. I did not get it then. They are both in the same fabric family. So, since it was still there today, I figured I'd best get it. Makes sense to me! :D

I wanted to get one of those five pound bags of strips they sell. For less than $12 (today's sale price) you'd get a five pound bag of strips! That is supposed to be something like five or more yards of fabric I think. The strips were stated to be from one forth inch to four inches thick.
They would have worked so well in the rag rug I am making. My practical side won out though. I had already decided on the other fabrics and spent enough money. Besides....I have enough of my own fabric I can make into strips too. Once in a while I have to be good, while being bad, right? :)

Off to bed...busy day tomorrow but if we get all our errand running done early enough, I might be able to start basting some of the quilts so I can start quilting them! Bye for now all who read this blog. :D

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