Thursday, November 13, 2008

Working hard

I don't have a lot of photos to post, but I have been working hard in the studio during my few minutes of free time each day. I have four place mats that I am binding now and finished two more pot holders. I got a shipment of fabric in to finish projects. Those have been washed and ironed. I also pinned three quilts to work on later today or tomorrow.

I have been playing in EQ6. I have had the software for two years and never used it until now. It was great! It didn't crash my computer like EQ5 always did. The whole program was hands down, LOTS easier to use too. This is pretty close to the quilt I hope to make:
I have two days off and hope to make a LOT of progress on current projects. I might order the fabric needed for this one though. That way, after the holidays, I can start on it. :)

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