Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too busy Tuesday

There is so much to include in this posting today, I hardly know where to start! Ok, how about the Creative Prompt projects? I have two to report again as I didn't get last week's done till the day before I did this week's prompt. LOL

KINDNESS was last weeks word. I started doodling again with a dollar bill that was given to a person who in turn helped a person cross the street who then gave flowers to someone. That person then made cookies for her child who then helped another child on the swing set. That child climbed a tree to get a cat out of the tree and on and on it would have gone. I always think of "playing it forward" when I think of kindness.
I also noted that I was disappointed that my creative journal writings and drawings were so lame.

This week's word was SPRING. I decided I was tired of just doodling. I did make the word spring with a springy spring on the letter G though. :) I had my husband snip an Iris flower from the flower bed. They are just coming into bloom now. The daffodils have all gone away already. I used my prisma pencils and drew the flower.
I am much happier with this than I was with the constant doodling. :)

The gigantic king sized Summer Pickle Mystery quilt top is DONE!!! It measures about 100" by 112". I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing in one shot!
I spent the weekend loading it on the table frame. This is the first time I will be using a frame setup.
I think I have it loaded just fine. I started trying to quilt it. I have tension issues. First the thread on top kept breaking. I re-threaded it, tried different brands and thicknesses of threads, played with the tension, all with no luck. I could sew a few inches and the thread would break.
I changed needle sizes and types and cleaned everything out and tried again. I thought "Woo-hoo" as it seemed to be working. Then I discovered the 'thread nestlings' underneath. I gave up and will tackle it again next week on my day off. Yes I am a little discouraged but I am more encouraged! Even though I didn't get very far, I know this is going to be so way cool to use for the big quilts. I had no trouble stippling it and once the tension is fixed I will be able to knock this quilt out a whole lot faster and better than I have ever done with a big quilt before!

Honorable mention goes to the cool summer skirt I made over the weekend too. It is a deep plum-purple and I accidentally discovered I have a shirt that matches it exactly in the back of my closet!!! Life is good. :)


Jaye said...

Nice work all around! The iris is great.

Linda M. Poole said...

Sherri...I love you're doodles. They make me see into your world. I love the cat in the tree the most. Hey.....is this your longarm??? I love the quilt!!!! I have a nice home for it....grin

pcoxdesign said...

I love your posts! They are very whimsical!