Saturday, May 9, 2009


I packed up and put away all the work I had done on the wedding ring quilt yesterday. I was struggling so much with sewing the strips together and then cutting them into what would become the arches that I was hating having to work on it.

I then worked on the clutter that had accumulated on my studio table. I now have a lot more space to work with on there. I made this checkbook cover JUST to try to get my creative juices flowing again:

The pattern was a free one from I am going to make changes to it though, as I didn't like how the final product came out. This is one of the items I have thought about making for a craft sale. I hope to have a craft sale in conjunction with a rummage sale here this summer. I need to get crafting though!

This week's word for the Creative Prompt Project was "Source" and I drew mine last night!
I know you are going to ask what was I thinking??? I know sorceress is not spelled sourceress. We had just finished watching "Kung Fu Panda" for our family movie night. One of the scenes in the movie was Po the panda getting acupuncture. In the ending credits there is a picture of the snake getting acupuncture too. Something about that image made me want to put it down in as a drawing. I drew the snake first and then the word 'source' next. The image that slammed into my head though, was of a sorceress! I wondered if I could draw one and have it turn out ok? So that is why my 'source' turned into a 'sorceress'. Gee, I wonder if magic had anything to do with it? lol

Some of you might be curious as to why there is a jellyfish on the page. Do I have to explain everything? Why of course I do! lol There have been two commercials on tv lately that have caught my eye. One is the hummingbird that is lit up with the glowing eyes and flowers (Samsung TV) and the other is the commercial of the little girl at an aquarium. (Visa Card) The music is the Moody Blues' song "Tuesday Afternoon" and the flowing jellyfish remind me of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. That is the only reason for the jellyfish being in this picture!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Linda M. Poole said...

I am loving your post are getting creative more and more by the moment! You go girl!

Jaye said...

I agree that your creativity is really coming out. I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

April A.K.A. Elsha said...

First of all, If you used some patterned fabrics, like animals, themes, you could probably sell those checkbook covers at a flea market or online!
Secondly, I though maybe the sorceress was using the animals for a spell.. :P Maybe they are her accomplices! I love how they are thrown in there, though.

Quilt Rat said...

Don't you love it when something immediately comes to mind and then takes shape.....terrific job!