Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun Mail

I get mail sometimes that is strange and/or wonderful! Today's mail had both. First there was a box filled with bottle caps. Why you ask? Well, one of my oddest friends, Snap, heard I was working on bottle cap projects several months ago. She took it upon herself to save up a HUGE variety of bottle caps and sent them to me! Good grief!!! I have crazy friends!!! Thank you Snaperoo. The pressure is on ME now, to do some more artistic 'stuff' that I haven't been doing.
You can see below the bottle caps, a piece of fabric, a ribbon, and a card with its envelope. A while back I had a contest on my blog that included one of the last issues of Quilters Home magazine under Mark Lipinski's control. He VERY graciously offered to boost that prize with fabric for the winner. He ALSO sent a prize for ME!

I am now the lucky owner of a half yard of Mark's Krakow fabric!!! The photo doesn't do justice to the red in this fabric. I have all kinds of ideas on how to utilize it too! The card, which is black, not gray, appears to be handmade with ribbons sewn on it. The paper of the envelope feels almost like fabric. I won't throw these away! I will use them in a future project too! THANK YOU Mark, for the sweet gift. I know you are VERY busy these days and really appreciate you taking the time to send this to me and my prize winner, Kansa.

What a wonderful day! Tonight we are under a nasty storm watch. (ice and snow) I am making plans to sew tomorrow as I am lucky and do not have to go out in the weather they say we are going to get. Can you tell I am happy! :)


Carolyn in Kentucky said...

I can't stand it, I have to ask what your idea for the lids might be. I bet you will create something wonderful. Sunshine the curious.

Sherri said...

Mostly mini pin cushions is what they are for. Since I have an abundance of them now, I am thinking about making a robot though. :)