Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long Dry Period Ending Soon!

What a week it has been! There is light at the end of this tunnel though. The contractors that are working on the moat are almost done. Here is this afternoon's studio shot out the window:
Since I was unable to actually DO anything in the studio, I looked through a large collection of old quilting magazines for inspiration. I have had the 2008 Hoffman Challenge Quilt fabrics for a long time. I hadn't been inspired to make the quilt for the challenge back then. I have bought other fabrics that complement the main peacock fabric though. I now have a nice bunch to work with and I am forming ideas in my brain to turn this into a quilt later this year.

I will soon be starting on creating the BOM for October. I need to figure out the color scheme though. If you were to applique something Halloween-ish on a solid colored background, what color would you use? Keep in mind that both white and black will NOT work.

I am going to go do some more hand sewing on my Cathedral Window quilt now. I hope you are all keeping cool this summer!

Quilt On, Quilt Out,

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MaryC said...

I love the way your drawing has evolved! Wallpaper next?