Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Podcast Bandwagon

I've been listening to several pod-casts lately. I started with Sandy's "Quilting for the Rest of Us" which led me to "The Off-Kilter Quilt" and then to Mark Lipinski's "Creative Mojo".

"Quilting for the Rest of Us" is a fun one to listen to. I love Sandy's energy! Her podcast is like hearing my best (quilty) friend gossip, only instead of gossip, she covers topics and reader comments. She comes across bright and lively and always brings me a smile during her program! It was because I enjoyed her show so much, that I finally learned how to use my ancient iPod Shuffle! Her pod-casts run from 30 to 60 minutes.

I like listening to "Creative Mojo" when I am working in the studio. It is like listening to a radio broadcast. Mark's programs have a lot of variety and several guests, plus a call-in feature if you listen to it live.

He recently covered the question about the cost of cotton rising and how much would quilters pay for fabric? My answer has been that I shop my stash before buying more fabric. I feel bad that I can't support my LQS as much though, and these price increases will surely hurt those shops even more!

Mark's program usually seems to run about two hours, and does include a few commercial breaks. Though I hate commercials, I have to admit there was one that has me looking at a new sewing machine that I didn't know existed! :)

"The Off-Kilter Quilt" podcast is the perfect one for listening to in my car. It is one of the shorter shows that is perfect to have playing as I run errands. She covers topics from techniques to magazines to other quilting or sewing ideas. Her programs have been running 30 minutes, give or take.

All three of these and more are available free through iTunes. You can get most of them through the Internet too though, if you don't want to download iTunes. At least I think that is true! I am not a techno geek, so don't quote me! hahaha

I am still working on the charity quilts this morning. I also cut out two demo blocks for my guild's B-O-M for November. I have two and a half hours before I have to get my son at school and then run errands. I still haven't gotten back to finish painting the bathroom! Maybe tomorrow.

That's all for the day today! Now go sew something!!!

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