Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ok world, you can slow down now!

Note to self: It messes up your whole day if you don't get going before nine in the morning!!! I feel I have been running late all day! hahaha

In no particular order though, here are some highlights of my day. I was finally able to listen to some podcast stuff! I haven't been able to do this for one reason or another. It has just been such a busy time of year. Today though, I was able to catch part of one of my favorites, "Quilting for the Rest of Us" with Sandy. I like her next door neighbor podcasts that are also informative. The one I was listening to was from January 8th I think. I wish my routes today had been long enough to listen to the whole thing! It is worth it to catch her podcasts though. They are always upbeat and entertaining! AND educational too!

My friend Jaye was writing about scrap quilts and organizing scraps a bit, over on her blog. I used to have one three-drawer plastic bin for my scraps. I organized them into lights, mediums, and darks. That worked a long time for me. However, I so often had to dig through a lot of fabric to find a particular color! So I reorganized my scraps. Now they are in six drawers:
I have them divided up into red/pink, yellow/orange/brown, greens, blues, purples, and last are the black or white or black and white. Of course there are gray areas...no, wait the grays go in with the black and white fabrics. I DO have to make some best guess ideas though, on some of the colors.

I like these two smaller bin sets. They are on rollers and I can bring them to whatever area I am working in, in the studio. Someday I might invest in a label maker to label boxes and bins. For now I just wing it.

Finally today, I have a closeup shot of the creative prompt fabric thing I am doing. It shows the metallic 'twinkling' lights on the house eves. You can make out some of the detail work too. I do thread painting/embellishing on these types of projects.
I haven't decided what type of eyes to give my little 'wicked' monster yet. I am thinking of making them slits like a cat's eye.

I have fabric coming and accessories too, from two different places! I am gathering things so I can do the "My Tweets" block of the month. I think this is going to be very fun!

That's it for today! Now go sew something!!!


Jaye said...

Great block and thanks for the info on how you organize your scraps. I love the way you colored your words in the blog. Brilliant! I am thinking of doing the same kind of thing, but with a rolling cart. We'll see what I can find.

Sherri said...

My bins are on rollers too. With a black background on my blog, I like tossing out bits of color! Also many of the colors are links to things like CPP words. :D It was a lot of work to put links in, but YOU set a good example on YOUR blog! So of course I had to copy that idea. :D