Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Problem Solved!!!

I was able to find another Bali-Pops Butterscotch pack!
It has been ordered and is on the way here.
Now I KNOW the Leaf Quilt will turn out better!

Then there was a slight problem.
I saw Bali-Pops Pink Lemonade.
Those colors are perfect for using in my "My Tweets" quilt.
I accidentally hit the wrong button and they accidentally fell into my online shopping cart. Darn. I guess I will just have to suffer with using such luscious colors!

I hope you are all having such problems as mine today! I am all ready to get snowed in tomorrow! I even have the fixings for healthy low-fat oatmeal cookies! I will make half of them with cherry flavored Craisons. I live a decadent life!

Now go sew something!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri, I love those bali-pops! I got two sets to make my hanukkah menora quilts.

You are doing such wonderful things. Keep it up.

Gotta tell more about the pups.
Tommy too.

Love n hugs, Blue