Friday, May 27, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet?

YES we are! I love being back in the groove that is my studio! Here is a glimpse of some of the lovely mess:
The little pieces are from "My Tweets" and the block in front is the last of the first batch of log cabin blocks I've been working on for a while. I have 14 blocks done and plans for more to make a king size quilt for our bed.

I also started sewing the teacher bags together. They are going together very easily and I think the teachers will like them!

I got the blocks finished for the guild's block-of-the-month too. I would love to make a black and white quilt like this! Maybe if I win the drawing for a bunch of these, I could do that!

Last, but not least...I redid part of block two in the "My Tweets" project. Can you tell what I changed?

I like it better the new way.

Time to take a break and make supper. With the long weekend ahead, I should get some serious 'play time' in the studio! My goal is to have the bags sewn by Monday night and to have started back on sewing the U is for Unicorn borders that I have left lay too long!

Have a great weekend! Happy Sewing!


Jaye said...

Love the fabrics you used for the Bow Tie blocks. Inspired!

The Tweets blocks always make me think of twitter. I see the word on your blog and think "she is on Twitter?" and then I realize you are talking about your BOM!

Sherri said...

Thanks Jaye! You should see them in person! They just POP! I can't wait till the guild meeting to see all the BOM's done like this one. I might have to enter the drawing to win this time!
I agree on the Tweets comment. I always think of Twitter at the same time. I don't have Twitter though, so I settle for my BOM Tweets! lolol