Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a Mystery

If memory serves me right, (and I AM old, so it doesn't always) there is such a thing as a mystery bag out there. Sometimes a mystery bag is a door prize that you don't know the contents of until you get it. In my case, it isn't really a mystery. I am making bags for my son's 4th grade teachers. I have the fabrics and batting all cut out and ready to start sewing:
I know, I know, it is hard to tell what the heck all that stuff is! The paperclip fabric in the front is easy to figure out. There is a little bit of a Snoopy print there on the left. The other two bags aren't as easy to pick out. Gee, I guess you will have to come back to see more photos in a few days, huh?!!!

I am still sewing together the easy blocks for our guild's block-of-the-month:
The only reason they (two of them) are not done is because I am starting and stopping another project at the same time. I use these sets to lead in and to finish off as I sew. I hope to finish these blocks today though.

Sandy, over on Quilting for the Rest of Us was talking about lavender plants a few weeks ago. I just HAD to buy some! I originally planted them in four different places. One by one though, they all ended up in this spot. It gets the most sun and drains well. The two darker plants have been there the longest and seem to be VERY happy!
Those dark pointy leaves that look like weeds are from a yellow flowering plant that refuses to give up this spot. I keep plucking them out so they don't kill off the lavender. I have transplanted them all over the property. They must have liked their old digs here, because they just won't die off!

Here is my mystery plant:
I don't know for sure what this is. It looks like some type of onion though. If it ever blooms, I will share a photo of that too.

Finally, my ten year old son planted Morning Glories for me this spring. He calls them 'his' plants and loves checking on them daily, to see their progress. Just in this past week, they have sprouted their little trailers and are starting to climb.

That is all the latest from these parts. I need to get back to the machine and get those bags done. I don't want to be rushed into doing a sloppy job! The teachers getting these are deserving of my best work!

Until next time, happy sewing!!!


Sandy H said...

Good luck with the lavender! I was just checking mine out today and it's doing pretty well. It's always a mystery to me why some plants flourish and others, right next to them, are about half the size. But next summer they should all be producing enough that I could dry enough for a single sachet, I think!

Sherri said...

Sandy, I am not sure if mine will grow enough to harvest or not! The poor things are suffering like all our vegetation here!!! WAY too hot, WAY too fast! Maybe next year....I don't want to stress mine out any more than they already are!

Thanks again for the idea to buy them!!! :)