Sunday, June 5, 2011

She's Back in the Saddle Again!

I am doing the Creative Prompt Project again! Jaye had put this on hiatus for a bit as interest had lagged and responses were lacking in numbers. She's bringing it back up to speed and I was happy to realize I was ready to do these again!

The deal is this...each week, traditionally on Friday, Jaye posts a new word on her blog. You can then challenge your personal creative juices to draw, photograph, doodle, write a paragraph, or interpret that word in whatever way you want in any medium you want to use! There is NO right way and NO wrong way to do this!

After you've done your word there is a Flickr group that you can share your work with others who've done the same word! There are no deadlines, rules, or restrictions that I can think of. I am sure Jaye will correct me if I am wrong!

I am catching up from where I left off and have done three so far:

The first word is #92 - "Move"
I started just drawing a center doodle line from left to right. That led me into making a fish! I think of the movement of the fish, waves, and the weird jellyfish as my way of drawing the word, Move.

The next word was #93 - "Twinkle" which I did as my take on twinkle toes:

The last word I completed this time was #94 - "Twist". Believe it or not, I only just this past week learned how to twist my hair up into a hair clip! To celebrate that, I drew hair caught up in one of the clamps I can now use to put MY hair up!

I've been working in the studio too, but I don't have photos to share just yet. I am working out the pattern for the July block-of-the-month for the quilt guild. It is a very tricky one to do! I am also hand sewing down the appliqued pieces for blocks four and five of the "My Tweets" BOM. I even sewed for about half an hour on the U is for Unicorn border!

Phew! I didn't realize I was doing so much! I haven't even mentioned the two hours a day I am out of the house running errands and going down to the center for my daily hour of exercise, or the closet that we emptied out into the dining room, or the gardening I am trying to do in 100° heat! Time for me to get back at it. I hope to have more sewing related photos next week!

Keep on Sewing!!!

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Jaye said...

Thank you for mentioning the CPP to your readers! I love the colorfulness of your responses and I am always so thrilled to see how people think of the word I post.

You have all the directions correct. I will still post words once we get started again, but I will, once in a while, wander off the path and do something different.

So glad you are working on the U is for Unicorn. AND all the other projects. It seems like you have gained energy since you lost weight!