Monday, July 30, 2012

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That!

I found a bunch of little spools of thread at a thrift store recently. Since most of them were on wooden spools and had pretty colors, I could not resist buying them! I have taken off a lot of the thread and decoupaged the the spools. My husband will cut them in half for me. I will then decoupage them again and glue a magnet to the backsides. They will be turned into fridge magnets!

I saved all the pretty thread too! I will use this in some future artsy project, I am sure.
 You probably can't tell how much beading has been done to my "Three Bridges Quilt" but maybe if you click on it and look at an enlarged picture, you can.
 I redid a Creative Prompt picture that I wasn't happy with. Jaye suggested adding more to it, so I did! Here is the before and after of #140-Birthday:
 Here is another Creative Prompt, #141 - Fish:
 Some fabric I could not resist was this print by artist Sue Zipkin:
  I love her Sango Sweet Shoppe line of dishes too!!!

A friend from my Weight Loss Support group 
made this beautiful floral display for me!
 It is from her own garden...all of it! She could do this for a living! Photos cannot do justice to how well done it was!

I have dabbled with the U is for Unicorn quilt a bit. It seems to be jinxed of late! I have taken photos and lost them before being able to put them up on my blog!!! A great example was this one:
I wanted to show you the cut out I have of this dragon in fabric. For some reason it got lost! So I have the drawing here, from the pattern book. Why I was wanting to share it with you is because somehow one of the cats chewed the tail off my dragon!!! I hope I can make it still work without having to cut the whole thing out again. I don't have any more of the special fabric I used!

Now before this posting gets lost too, I will post it and get on with my day! I hope you are all keeping cool this is insanely hot here too! 110° is the forecasted high for today! YIKES!!!!


Jaye said...

You know you will find the lost photos in 4.5 months, right?

Your bridge quilt is really coming along. That is not a quilt to be rushed through. I see how you are thinking and adding and looking and rearranging. Nice work.

The little bit of wall you added to your CPP response really does make a difference. You didn't say what you thought?

Sherri D said...

For some reason I wasn't thinking and somehow saved the wrong photo with the right name or was it the right name with the wrong photo? I muck those up too often. No big deal and if I weren't so lazy, I'd take another photo! I still might do that at some point.
Thanks for the comments on the bridge quilt. It has undergone a lot of transformations since its beginnings. I can't rush it or I will ruin it! At least I actually LIKE how it is coming along now.

And about the CPP. yes, I do like that better too! Thanks for stopping by Jaye! :)