Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creative Prompts and Leaf Quilt

I have been in a more traditional artist mode in that I have been in the mood to draw more. I am not happy with this rendition however, of #140-Birthday:
I might bore you with more of these odd people as I try to create some type of cartoon-ish characters for illustrations on my other blog. I want more of my own original works instead of 'borrowing' photos or clip art online.

#139-Triangles turned out better. I really like this one. It is colored with both Prisma colored pencils and water colors. I just started drawing triangles and all of a sudden thought they looked like breaking glass. I am pleased that this turned out actually looking like I knew what I was doing!

I took down all the pieces that were on my design wall this morning and put up some of the blocks from my Leaf Quilt. I knew the contrast was going to be off. It is going to be made specifically for our California King bed though. One thing I learned from this was that I really do need to pay more attention to contrasts.
It will still be a neat quilt. I just wish I had seen the lack of contrast more. By the way, do you see the ghost in this? I am sure it is just a speck of dust floating by, but it could be a ghost too. Hopefully it is a friendly one!

That is it for the day! Happy Sewing!!!

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