Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am learning how to use my new gift from my son! (A MacBook Air) It is very different than my Dell laptop and desktop! However, I did figure out how to transfer photos to it and to here!
This first picture is an extreme closeup of the Three Bridges quilt. The beading is representing wisteria. I am embroidering green floss to bring more depth to the piece. Although I am not too sure I like this effect yet.

Next up is the dragon with the missing tail. His face was chewed on as well but is all there...just wrinkled.
That is all I have for today. The temps are over 100° degrees outside again. Yesterday a new record was set in Little Rock, AR of 111° F. Just knowing it is that hot outside, slows me down inside, even though my AC is working just fine!

Maybe next week it will feel like quilting weather....rain would work!


DonnaRae said...

I tried to find a way to comment to you at your other blog but could not find any comments so came over here. Just had to let you know that I too am 57 and my BD is Sept I too started losing weight last year. My starting weight was 246. I am now at 192.. I feel like I met a sister online. We both losing the weight. So amused had to let you know.
Donna Rae

Sherri D said...

Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by. I posted your comment here and on my weight loss blog. I am not sure why the comment thing wasn't working when you were there. Anyway, I hope you come back to either or both blogs! Congrats on the weight loss!