Saturday, October 13, 2012

A trifle of 'stuff'

I have finished another 4x6" card for Pokey's fund raiser. This one is entitled "Guard Monster":

 I am not sure if I will get this one below done in time or not. The deadline says to have them arrive by the 23rd of October.

 Here is the first one I made:

I have all this cat fabric for sale if anyone is interested. It is over a yard total for $10 and I will ship anywhere in the US for free. Oh, and yes the photo says $12, but that is the old price.

I don't know if you can tell on this photo, but a few of the last blocks I am working on for the "My Tweets" project had deformed stems:
The stems have wrinkles in them. I thought I could sew the stems down and then iron the edges over and that that would work. It doesn't. I have had to un-sew all the stems on my 10th block, re-press each one, and now am in the process of resewing them all. I realized that I am on block 10 from last year. I have set myself a goal of finishing this block, this month! Then I hope to stay on task and finish block 11 in November, and finally block 12 in December. If I can do that, it will mean that I have finished my block of the month on year later. hahaha Then I only have to do the borders. Ugh!

This is a tie-died dress that needs new buttons. I can't decide which ones to use though!

That's about it for today. I keep working on odd projects and not making real progress on any of them! This is ok though. I am happy to be doing anything creative these days!


Jaye said...

New look to the blog? Nice. I like the short posts better than no posts. I am trying to find the challenge post where you explain. Will look further later. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was thinking about you today.

Sherri D said...

If you are talking about the posting every day in November, I got that idea from Kay Sperino over at Finishing Lines Blog. There is a link on the left side of my blog to hers. It is a self challenge and doesn't have a 'badge' for the blogs.

Thanks for stopping by Jaye!