Monday, December 16, 2013

I don't call all this stuff, WORK!!!

A week ago schools were closed because of the ice and snow we had. Today it is over 60°. Since last week was so cold and yucky, I stayed indoors and sang "Let it SEW, let it SEW, let it SEW!" I also got a lot of stuff done.

The little black dog is my Bitsy (a Rat Terrier) and the cat, hogging the air vent, is Maddie. No wonder it gets cold in my studio sometimes. They've blocked the air vents!

I've been working on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt. It has been challenging for me, as I hate working with diagonal anything, in quilting. I've been getting lots of hints and ideas though, from the wonderful group that is working on this quilt too. I feel like I am getting a free class on techniques!
 The humble beginning of step one:
A pile on the ironing board:
Half the ironing done:

All the neutrals and all the colors are now made into their little 3 1/2" blocks

Next: step two...chevrons! 
 They will look something like this:

In my spare time, I am starting a quilt from the pattern called "Building Blocks"
The pattern is by Jackie of Sew Excited Quilts.
 These are some of the strips I will be using in it:

Jingle Belle is pin-basted and ready for quilting:

I had intentions of making mug-rugs for friends this year. 
I might get them done in time for gift giving... next year.

I did get one ornament made and might gift this to someone…if I can find where I put it!

Do you think I need new slippers?

What does a quilter do when her slippers wear out? Why... she experiments with putting new soles on the bottom!!! (Good luck with that!) I hope Santa has a pair on his list from me…just in case!

Today I told The Mister that I was going to the quilt shop tomorrow to get a couple fat quarters for the scrappy mystery quilt. I only had a little of one shade of yellow for the next step. If I use just that one color-way of yellow, the quilt won't be as scrappy. He said, "Don't you find it odd that you need to buy MORE fabric to make the quilt scrappier?"
Silly man.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


landscapelady quilts said...

You are a brave one to do a Bonnie hunter quilt - I get overwhelmed by all the cutting. It looks great so far. I like the winter also cause you don't feel like going out - sew time!

Sherri D said...

The cutting has been rather intense! I am enjoying the challenge though, and have picked up a TON of hints, tips, and methods to make it work.