Sunday, September 12, 2021

Just hooking along...

 Crocheting goes slower than quilting. I just finished this scarf for a friend.

This shows the colors a little better:

Do you think Dexter is asking ME to get him his toy? hmmmmm
Morning glories are blooming, in spite of the heat we've had:
My daughter is moving out soon. She's been with us for five years. She's doing so much better now! There were a lot of health issues she has had to work through. Now she's ready to fly again! I will miss her terribly but am also happy for her to be taking the next step towards independence again.
In the process of helping her pack, we came across an afghan that my Mom, her Grandmother, knitted over 20 years ago. It has been well loved. If you look closely you might see a hole over on the left, near my right hand:
I do not knit. I crochet. I decided to unravel this and remake it in crocheted stitches. In the process I discovered a lot of things. The biggest lesson is that crocheting is different than knitting! hahahaha I ended up and was able to save a portion of the knitted part that Mom had done and I am restitching the rest by using crochet stitches. It will be a conglomeration of the two processes as well as the two women that have shaped my daughter's and her gramma. 

I am learning how to do mosaic crochet as well. I started working on this one and got lost. It is now a hot pad in the kitchen:

That's it for today. I'm just stitching away and watching bad movies. 
See you all next time!!!

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